Ocean Space Collective Presents

Plastic Life, 2019

Natural beauty contradicts the artificial. Polyethylene is a cancer we’ve created. It’s seeped into every facet of our lives and flows its toxicity into the natural world where it will live out an eternity. We have an addiction to this miracle material. What are you doing to kick the habit?

I am an underwater conservation multimedia artist. Through my work I try to evoke emotions by contrasting beauty and darkness. I see plastic on every dive, and most dives I see more plastic than life. I am intrigued by the ghostly shapes that this cancer can have when it is dancing in the beautiful light.

Although we are becoming increasingly aware of single-use plastics and bans are happening globally, the production of plastic is still expanding rapidly.

A side from causing havoc on marine ecosystems, choking turtles and seabirds, poisoning marine mammals, whale sharks and rays, plastic also contributes to climate change. A new report by the Centre of International Environment Law shows that plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its lifecycle. From its production to its refining, to the way it is managed as a waste product. By 2050 plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total carbon budget – equivalent to 615 coal-fired power plants.

By making changes in our individual lives, putting pressure on local councils and thinking wisely about where we spend our consumer dollars, together we can change our future. Quit plastic.

The light box series:

24″ X 36″, Custom Built Lightbox, FujiTrans ChromogenicPrint

The Bamboo Hanger series:

16” X 24” , Bamboo hangers, Kodak Endura Metallic Chromogenic Print

The Film:

33 min digital projection


Out there in the darkness, silence. 

Suspended light. 

Absorbed, eternal life. 

White flesh shines, 

not for hope, 

but a baron future.